Look At Animation | 3D Presentation Films

3D animation presentation film studies of Look At Animation production company

Anadolu Insurance | Fire Campaign Posters with 3D Images

3D Poster illustrations prepared for Anadolu Insurance

Dogus Group | Promotion film

Introducing Dogus Group's mixed-technical presentation film to present all the investments and projects of the year 2014

Erpilic “Good Ramadan” | TV Advertisement Film

Erpilic's visual effects TV commercial film on "Good Ramadan"

BP | 3D and 2D Photo Illustrated Posters

Photo illustrations prepared for use in sporting concept posters and magazine advertisements for BP

Moova | 3D Product Visualization

Production of 3D digital copies of all products of Moova for use in digital and printed media and preparation of tissue coatings

Garanti Bank | Basket

Garanti Bank 3D illustrations for posters and magazine advertisements

Coca Cola Sanzaru | Infographic Presentation Film

Infographic animation film prepared for Coca Cola Sanzaru's company presentation

Trex for Kids | Character Animation

Animation of dinosaurs designed for use in an children animation series work for an overseas company

Inlingua | Poster and Magazine Advisory Visualizations

3D modeling and photo illustrations for Inlingua International for use in posters and magazine advertisements prepared under the concept of "Language for Beginners". This posters has been awarded abroad.

Inka Textile | Building Dress Design

High quality illustration and design work for Inka Tekstil new branch building surface

Pakpen | High Resolution Photo Renewal

A job for Pakpen to recreate a karen selected from the advertisement of the same firm again from scratch for an advertisement considered to be published in the magazine

Palmiye Houses | Presentation Film 3D Modeling and Animation

3D building models and formation animations prepared for Palmiye Houses promotion film

Peugeot 206 | Magazine Advertisement Visualization

Modeling and photorealistic rendering of a glass bottle used on advertisement

Peugeot HDi | 3D Logo Visualizations

3D logo visualization studies for different concepts applied to Peugeot HDi engine

Peugeot 508 | Soccer TV Advertising

3D Modeling, Animation and Render + Video montage
Summary : Illusion TV commercial for Peugeot 508

Selpak | Animatic

An animated study for the presentation of the Selpak Bladder Pad product

Subaru | TV Ad

The TV advertising film introducing Subaru's use of the Türkcell Smart Automotive navigation system

Tefal | 3D Product Visualization

A highly detailed, high-quality 3D model generation study used in Tefal Protect Pro ads

Loreal | Animatic

Animated studies of Cansu Dere commercials for Loreal's "Komple Onarıcı 5" product

Ulker Strong | 3D Product and Logo Visualizations

3D product and Superman logo visualization studies for Ülker's Superman-designed "Strong" product for use in commercial films

T.C. Ministry of Health “Smokeless Airfield” | TV Ads

T.C. Ministry of Health's "Smokeless Airfield" social responsibility TV commercial

Coca Cola Yapı Kredi Vadaa | TV Advertisement Film

Yapı Kredi's Coca Cola concept Vadaa campaign film

Popkek | TV Ads

Preparing all 3D visualizations, animations and effects used in production stages of Popkek TV commercials

Bianca Anti Bacterial Cushion | Shelf Application Presentation

3D modeling, Render study and photo application for Bianca Anti Bacterial Pillows shelf application presentation

Filli Boya | Presentation CD and Menu Animation

Design and implementation of presentation CD supported by 3D animations prepared for Filli Boya's Expert named product

Dobcare | Web Design Art Direction + WordPress Application + CSS Programming

Dobcare health, aesthetics and beauty systems company's web site design art director and CSS programmed WordPress application

NaNo Life Salt | Web Site and Online Marketing Management

Web Site Design and Implementation + Online Marketing Service and Configuration

PortaClick | Web Design Art Direction + WordPress Application + HTML and CSS Programming

PortaClick digital advertising agency web site design art direction, Wordpress application powered by HTML and CSS programming